Black Country Stories

What is the Black Country?

The Black Country is located in the West Midlands of England and was often referred to as the cradle of the industrial revolution. It was once one of the most industrialised areas of Britain and thanks to its abundance of coal, there were countless numbers of forges and iron foundries in every one of its towns.

It is commonly thought that the name Black Country is derived from the air pollution; a result of the heavy industry that resided here. It was noted by American diplomat Elihu Burritt as being ‘Black by day and red by night‘.

Black Country Stories Programme

Many things have changed since then: the industrial might has waned, the identity is adapting to a new generation of ideas and cultures, and the air no longer holds the atmosphere of the old Black Country.

Black Country Stories is a collection of four short films commissioned by the Sandwell based arts organisation Multistory to celebrate contemporary life here. These films form part of the Black Country Stories programme that includes work from internationally acclaimed photographers Mark Power and Martin Parr.

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