Author: Matthew E. Carter

Film-maker and writer for the Black Country Cinema collective. My films often revolve around the changing cultural identity of the UK. An avid cinephile with a love for Eastern Cinema.
Matthew E. Carter

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Setsuko Hara

Top 5 Shomin-Geki films

The Japanese social realist films or Shomin-Geki films are perhaps the some of the most influential on our own body of work. Depicting the everyday lives of urban Japanese life, the focus on characters and their observed interactions as well as the conflicting gap between the old and young are themes that we as a collective have always identified with.…

Hong Kong New Wave

Top 15 Hong Kong New Wave Films

After the Japanese New Wave video went down so well (far better than expected), we thought we’d throw together a quick one regarding our favourite film’s from the Hong Kong New Wave. On a personal level, this is one of my all time favourite film movements and because of this, we struggled immensely in narrowing it down to 15. So here is it –…

still from Throw Away Your Books, Rally in the Streets

20 essential films from the Japanese New Wave

After writing a guest post for Taste of cinema listing my top 20 essential Japanese New Wave films, I was “advised”  by a friend to make a video version of the article. This list isn’t really a ranking of the best new wave films, but a wide variation of them, which will hopefully give people a cohesive idea of what…

mysterious woman one night stand

“Katie or Kathy?” – Wednesbury one night stand story #6

The sixth submission has a slightly darker tone, not so much regrading the one night stand itself, but the abusive relationship the author had with his “friends” at the time. As you read the email below you soon realise his encounter with this nameless girl is not really about “getting off”, but a way of escaping a mind set his abusive friends had enforced…

German Temp One Night Stand

“The German Temp” – Wednesbury one night stands #5

The fifth submission (which is even humorously signed as anonymous) revolves around a young woman’s story about her sexual awakening. The author makes it clear that she was in a seemingly happy relationship with her boyfriend, until, after a trail separation, she had a “possible” sexual encounter with a German woman. A Black Country Gay Scene? This is the second submission…