Author: Manjeet S. Gill

Film maker and writer for the Black Country Cinema collective. My work often revolves around Asians living in contemporary Britain. Main influences include Ozu, Koreeda and Hou.
Manjeet S. Gill

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Camera man on set

Shooting Films in Full Auto

Shoot in full auto? Did I just say that? I’m guessing hoards of student film makers will be screaming ‘AMATEUR’ right now, but hear me out before you start chucking eggs and tomatoes at your screens. Everyone get your cameras ready because I’m going to help you ditch the time consuming fiddliness of focus, aperture and shutter speed for a…

Shadow and Sun by Helmie Stil

Have You Heard About Helmie Stil?

You may have never come across this London based filmmaker before, but Dutch born Helmie Stil is definitely someone you should know about. She’s a documentary filmmaker with the delicate hand of an artist (rather than the heavy mallet of a journalist). I first came across her films back in 2011 when I saw the beautifully poetic Shadow and Sun.…

How Digital Killed Film Making

“That’s a wrap!” Don’t be fooled by this classic phrase even if your actors and crew have already popped open the champagne and lit their cigars. You might well have shot all of your scenes, but if, like most people, you’re shooting on digital, it’s highly likely you’ll be back on set before you’ve even started an offline edit. Processing…

Hitler in Triumph of the Will (1935)

Can Films Really Change the World?

There is a strong belief in our industry that films really do have the power to change the world. I’d been guilty of this myself up until last year when Matthew interviewed critically acclaimed film maker Marc Isaacs. When asked about his thoughts on journalistic documentaries he commented, “most of those films are not cinematic in any way and they…

World of Cinematography

5 Websites Every Cinephile Should Know

If you’re a true cinephile and are looking for something a little a different to the same old wannabe film review sites that seem to be popping up all over the place, I’ve put together my favorite collection of websites dedicated to the art of cinema. The ladies and gentlemen running these sites are serious about their films and will…

Still from The Third Breast

How Indian Society is Raping Itself

When talking about India, it’s hard not to think of the horrific rapes that have become household news thanks to the world’s media and the internet. But with these rape cases still on the rise, is Indian society ready to do anything about it? Film maker Anamika Bandopadhyay seems to think so.