About Us

The term ‘Black Country’ is abstract and poetic. It’s not a reflection of place, but identity and culture. Like our films, the term is personal to people, and due to its subjective nature many have different ideas of what and where it is.

What is Black Country Cinema?

We are a collective of three independent film-makers who came together in 2009. Our aim is to tell stories that reflect the character, culture and poetry of everyday life in the Black Country.

Shooting with a minimal crew, we remove many of the barriers that larger scale productions have, enabling a more intimate relationship with the people in front of the camera.

What Makes Us Different?

Our films are exercises in instinct, which have the freedom to change and evolve throughout the process without prescribed scripts or storyboards and a preference for wide, long and reflective static shots.

This approach has enabled us to embody a crucial sense of place in our films, allowing the location to be just as, if not more, important than the individuals within them.

Our Influences

We are strongly influenced by film-makers such as Yasujirō Ozu, Abbas Kiarostami and Humphrey Jennings to name but a few, though our films are ultimately shaped by the towns we come from. Collectively these towns are known as the Black Country.