"Real filmmaking, beautifully shot and cut"

- Mark Cousins

Black Country Cinema is a film making collective that focus on providing a thoughtful and cinematic perspective on the poetry of everyday life in multicultural Britain.
Through a unique style of film making and written articles, our website aims to bridge the gap between the art of cinema and contemporary life in the UK.

Based in the old industrialised region of the West Midlands known as The Black Country, we make films that are both personal and poetic, offering an authentic and honest portrayal of British culture.

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Camera man on set

Why Real Filmmakers Shoot in Full Auto

Shooting in full auto, did I just say that? I’m guessing hoards of student film makers will be screaming ‘AMATEUR’ right now, but hear me out before you start chucking eggs and tomatoes at your screens. Everyone get your cameras ready because I’m going to help you ditch the time consuming fiddliness of focus, aperture and shutter speed for a while in favor of a simpler and more direct style of filmmaking.

Brunswick Road Alley with Shop 2009

“Shag Alley” – Wednesbury One Night Stands #1

Our first email submission is quite an interesting one revolving around “Shag Alley”. Is the urban legend actually about this mysterious woman? What I once thought to be a small town rumour, seems to be a tad more infamous than expected. But, as this person’s story clearly indicates, was the rail track one night stand phenomenon actually the result of…

Shadow and Sun by Helmie Stil

Have You Heard About Helmie Stil?

You may have never come across this London based filmmaker before, but Dutch born Helmie Stil is definitely someone you should know about. She’s a documentary filmmaker with the delicate hand of an artist (rather than the heavy mallet of a journalist). I first came across her films back in 2011 when I saw the beautifully poetic Shadow and Sun.…