"Real filmmaking, beautifully shot and cut"

- Mark Cousins

Black Country Cinema is a film making collective that focus on providing a thoughtful and cinematic perspective on the poetry of everyday life in multicultural Britain.
Through a unique style of film making and written articles, our website aims to bridge the gap between the art of cinema and contemporary life in the UK.

Based in the old industrialised region of the West Midlands known as The Black Country, we make films that are both personal and poetic, offering an authentic and honest portrayal of British culture.

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Arcadian Nights

Arcadian Nights

Arcadian Nights is a brand new online novel in the Coffee in Winter series from Black Country Cinema. I.T. professional turned photographer, Roderick, reminisces on his carefree bachelor days as an undergrad. Since mellowing in his mid 30′s, he takes time to reflect on how his life might have been had he not caved under the pressure of his family’s…

From the life of the marionettes - Ingmar Bergman

Can men accurately portray women in films?

It’s one of those discussion topics that almost immediately leads to new questions, and those questions lead to more questions, and those even more. However, to this day certain male film-makers are criticised heavily for their alleged ‘inaccurate’ or ‘reductive’ portraits of female characters, so it’s clearly a question worth the inevitably laborious investigation (Note: Hopefully this post wont be…