Poetic films from the Black Country

Black Country Cinema is a film making collective that focus on providing a thoughtful and cinematic perspective on the poetry of everyday life in multicultural Britain.
Through a unique style of film making and written articles, our website aims to bridge the gap between the art of cinema and contemporary life in the UK.

Based in the old industrialised region of the West Midlands known as The Black Country, we make films that are both personal and poetic, offering an authentic and honest portrayal of British culture.

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Do film buffs make better film-makers?

Martin Scorsese, Quinton Tarantino, Steven Spielberg, Jim Jarmusch, Chris Nolan, Michael Haneke, Wim Wenders, Jean Luc Godard etc. all film buffs, but does it have anything to do with their success? As pointless of a question it may seem, it is one that has been roaming around several cinephile circuits for a while now and one I have been contemplating…


Marc Isaacs hits back against journalistic documentaries

Acclaimed film maker Marc Isaacs discusses the importance of aesthetics in documentary and the problem with Britain’s journalistic attitude towards the medium. Over the last five years I’ve noticed whenever aspiring documentary filmmakers are asked about contemporary filmmakers that influence them, more often than not Marc Isaacs name is mentioned. Isaacs made his name in 2001 with the short documentary…


Why Short Films Are Useless

When venturing into the world of short filmmaking it can be difficult to know where to start. Whether you are a recent media graduate or completely new to the idea of making your own films, the sheer volume of other products out there on the festival circuit and on the internet (most notably Youtube) mean you can only add your fish to an already ram packed pond.