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The richness of life lies in the memories we have forgotten

- Cesare Pavese -

“The No Show!” – Wednesbury One Night Stands #3

Wednesbury one night stand bridge The second letter submission that I found interesting was this one. Though, I have not yet been able to work out the gender of the person who wrote it and after you read it, sex(uality) makes a huge difference to their story. I have a gut feeling the person is male, but I’m not entirely sure why at the moment. Although most people I have shown believe it to be a woman.

It seems the contributor has used upper-case lettering, possibly to disguise their handwriting. This author gives us their account of them arranging (on-line) to meet someone for a one night stand at the old rail tracks in the early 2000s, then after getting stood up by the mysterious stranger, worrying thoughts begin to plague them about who the anonymous person could have been.   one_night_stand_3 one_night_stand_3 one_night_stand3

Between 2001 to 2002 there was a website I used to go on. Kind of like a Facebook type thing. On one of the chat rooms there was a room for local one night stands. A few people without profile pics claiming to be from around Walsall and Wednesbury said that people meet near the old rail line near Brunswick park under the old bridge. I had two profiles, one for my personal stuff and another for my incognito sextipades. Got talking to one guy on there who said he lived near Friar park but was okay to travel to the bridge because he had done it there before. We made and agreement that if we knew each other we would keep it to ourselves. The unexpected part of it was more of a thrill than the sex itself. We agreed to meet at 2am under the bridge on the green near the rail tracks. I was still a bit worried that the whole thing was a joke so I stood slightly out of sight near the houses by the top of the bridge looking down. After about an hour no one came so I left at 3am. Annoyed that I wasted so much time and it being a work night I stormed off. By the time I got to the end of the road I saw my mom’s ex-boyfriend walking from out the alley. I know it might not have been him who I was speaking with online but it was weird timing. My mom ended it with him the year before for two timing and being unreliable. So it sounds like it could have been him. What would have happened if it was him and I stayed? The guy online said he waited for me until 3:30am so it probably wasn’t him. But the idea wont leave my mind and makes me sick every-time I think about it.

Pre-Facebook Social Media Networks?

Myspace and Faceparty are the only pre-facebook social networking sites I was involved with. Faceparty eventually developed a reputation for its sex themed exploits, so that could possibly be the site he/she is referring to. Also, Myspace is ruled out due it not launching until 2003. I find it fascinating that having one night stands in this location was apparently spoken about and organised online for a while. Which makes me wonder even more why this was never reported on or brought into the open. Maybe to stop more people participating?

How did this trend remain underground?

Wednesbury is a small town and the area (alley, bridge and disused rail track in between) is even smaller, it begs many questions regarding how it remained so discrete for so long. None of my family members (most have lived in and around Wednesbury all their lives) know anything about it, at least that’s what they tell me anyway. It would be both interesting and useful to find out how those that knew of this one night stand trend, actually found out about it themselves. Was there a system or process?

“A Virgin’s Mistake” – Wednesbury One Night Stands #2

one night stand, wednesbury

The second personal entry (first by letter) is a completely different tone to the first. It revolves around a surprisingly moving account of a young woman losing her virginity on the old Wednesbury rail track. As counter-intuitive as that sentence may sound, I am being serious.

Check it out -

one night stand, wednesbury

one night stand, wednesbury

one night stand, wednesbury

one night stand, wednesbury


Dear Black Country Cinema,


I hope you find my story useful.


I was a very young looking 23 year old and at the time worked at a factory in Darlaston, but born, lived and raised in Wednesbury. I worked in a place full of teenage girls fresh out of school and because I never told them my age, and they never asked they assumed I was around their age too.


All the girls talked about were sex, some of them were lesbians and they weren’t afraid to let people know either. I was still a virgin, even though I’d been with my ex-boyfriend for two years prior. Looking back he was a nice one, but there was only so much of me putting off sex that any twenty year old boy could handle. I had a habit of ending relationships prematurely after this, just because I didn’t want to get too attached before the issue of sex came up. I’m still not quite sure why it was such a problem for me back then.


The girls said they were going to the Black Horse pub after work, then off to the Brunswick pub later in the evening, one of them knew the landlord so he let them get away with drinking. This suited me fine because I didn’t live far from the Brunswick at the time. They said they were going to meet a group of lads there and see what happens.


I made a stupid promise to myself that I would lose my virginity that night just to get it over with. At that point in my life it felt like my virginity was holding me back from my relationships with men far too much.


I went to the pub, met with the lads and got tipsy. Eventually after the pub’s last orders we all sat around Brunswick Park. I got talking to this one boy about something or another, all I remember is him telling me about his boring car, but seemed quite polite at the same time.


He was 19 and his five other friends weren’t much older, from what I remember he was the best looking and the one who didn’t join in with the group discussion about wanking with loo roll cores.


One of the girls who lived near me said she wanted to go home. One of the boys said she would walk her back, because she was so drunk I said I’d walk with them too, I didn’t live too far from her. The boy I was speaking with said he would keep us company too, so we walked down from the park and through the alley that leads to Hydes road, yes the one that looks over the old train line.


She and her boy started kissing half way into the ally, I’m not sure why but I immediately started to kiss my guy, the first time in my life I initiated a kiss. We quickly sneaked onto the grass near the over grown tracks.


It didn’t last long and was a little underwhelming, but it felt like so much weight was lifted. After we climbed back onto the ally to find my friend and the other guy having sex right in front of us. We walked out of the ally and waited for them, we both couldn’t stop laughing for some reason. We laughed for so long we forgot what we started laughing at.


On the way home the boy tried his best to awkwardly explain that what just happened was just sex and nothing else. Pleasantly surprised and taken back by his honesty I agreed and we both shook hands.


The next morning I felt so ashamed, not for having sex, but for what the other girls was going to say about me. Was I going to be mocked? Were they going to wink and congratulate me? Were they going to snigger as a walk in and whisper gossip and quite down as I get closer to my locker? All of them sounded like hell to me, someone who has always preferred to stay in the background.


Anxiously I walked into work the following Monday, walked into my department, and to my surprise, it was like any other day. Nothing changed at all, everyone said the same things, same greetings and same attitudes.


My night on the over grown grass with a boy I never properly spoke to again was never spoken or referred to again.


A few years later I moved to a car hire company and met my hubby, i made him wait a month before we had sex and it worked fine for both of us.
Now I’m older I realised how silly it all was, but if I’m to be completely honest, it was the only way I was going to learn that lesson.


I’d love to have saved myself for my husband, but I know without this experience my relationship with him would have ended like all the rest. I saw it as a mistake for so many years, but now I’m older I know it was a mistake that needed to happen.


Just to add. I went to Wodensborough high school (now academy, not far from the rail tracks) and there was a rumour that the area used to be the site of pagan rituals that were done to worship Woden in the seventh century AD. This is why you have Wodensborough you see. Apparently there were sex rituals and such that used to happen on the fields. If like me that kind of thing is interesting, you could make a connection to the areas sex activates.

(Still typing up letter)

It’s not just about perverts.

If I’m honest, the main reason this letter excited me so much was its lack of salaciousness. Every personal story sent up until this point have been hollow sexual descriptions that verge on “adult literature”, so to have such a delicate and earnest story was a pleasant surprise. 

However, it almost refutes the idea that the one night stand rumour descended from the mysterious woman in the shop. Meaning there may not be a clear cut explanation to this underground phenomenon.

Wodenic pagan sex rituals?

one night stand, pagan

Wednesbury has often celebrated its Wodenic/Norse history and as the woman who wrote the letter pointed out, there are certain street and school names that refer to it. Even the word Wednesbury itself derives from an Anglo-Saxon term that (possibly) meant “Woden’s Hill” or “Woden’s barrow”.

Nonetheless, neither Wōdenic or Norse religions have reputations for sex rituals. Pagan sex practices are commonly associated with the Great Rite, which is a neopagan tradition attributed to Wicca, and is relatively recent. So taking this into account, plus the fact there is no recorded evidence of Wednesbury having Wiccan affiliations, it seems this particular rumour is a myth. It is still interesting though, that people have used this legend to justify the one night stand incidences.

But if I’m wrong about any of this, please let me know.

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When Living Legends Meet – Wong Kar Wai & Martin Scorsese

I’m a huge admirer of both Wong Kar Wai & Martin Scorsese, both amazing auteurs in their own right. So when when I came across a video where one interviews the other, I had to share it. Not only is this video an opportunity to hear the working processes of two filmmaking legends, but also a chance to see just how in tune they both are. An inspiration for filmmakers the world over.